Outdoor Lighting Tips for Summer

There’s no better time to be spent outdoors than a cool summer night on the back deck or patio. A bottle of red, a spread of your favorite cheeses, and a full moon overhead sound like the perfect summer night. And if you’re relying on a full moon to light up the landscape, you may be looking for some outdoor lighting tips to take on this summer so you can host the best backyard party on the block.

Consider these outdoor lighting tips for summer that will improve the performance and ambiance of your lighting system.

Be functional

First, functionality. Outdoor lighting is, of course, attractive when properly placed and installed, but how lights perform is something to think about. Lighting up walkways and stairs and adding ambient lights does more than enhance your experience outdoors. It will improve focus, safety, and the overall functionality of your outdoor space after the sun’s gone down.

Think about installing lighting on your deck or patio post caps to provide ambient light. These lights aren’t harsh or unbalanced like that of a single motion-sensor flood light by the sliding glass door. Hardwired walkway lights and lights installed in the steps of stairs are a great way to improve safety. They also add intrigue to an otherwise dark and mute space.

Get creative

The best-looking yards, in terms of lighting, use a blend of different lighting techniques to create a balanced ambiance. If you’re looking to make over your yard with light, remember not to stick to one type of light source. Instead, layer light using different techniques.

Blending techniques like uplighting, downlighting, and spread lighting will layer light in a unique way. It will also pull focus to different areas of your yard. Spotlighting trees or statues will draw the eye in, but remember to balance light by installing other light sources. Place lights in flower beds, bushes, and other general landscaping points around your yard. Spread lights often have a wide fan top, so more light is dispersed to a particular area, making them perfect for these locations in your yard.

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