Is your home and/or business ready if we were to lose power tonight for longer than expected?

One does not realize the importance of having backup power for a home until it is usually too late. Many businesses, also, do not stay up to par with the protocols and risk mitigation procedures that government agencies suggest in order to keep your business running optimally during a power outage. With today’s technologies and the professional, top-notched products and services provided here at Eric M. Krise Electrical Contractor LLC; it is MUCH simpler and not as much a nuisance as once was in the past.

No matter the building space, whether a residence, shop, office building, hotel, whatever) Eric M. Krise Electrical Contractor LLC provides you with the necessary, cost-effective generator services for your wants/needs.

If tonight’s (April 20th, 2015) weather ends up taking out the power to your home and/or business, and it stays out for longer than you expect it to, do you have the contingency plans in place for your family or business to continue living/operating at the necessary means to properly survive?

Check out just some of the reasons why you should look into getting a professional from Eric M. Krise Electrical Contractor LLC to come out to your home/business in order to give you precise, cost-effective solution for never losing power again in your home and/or business!

Generator Benefits

Why Invest in a Whole House or Business Generator?


Our nation’s infrastructure has suffered from a chronic lack of investment for more than 50 years. And no national strategy exists to improve infrastructure reliability. Such a plan could take decades to develop and implement.


According to a 2011 study by MIT, every utility customer on the U.S. power grid can expect to experience between 1.5 and 2 power interruptions per year, with interruptions lasting between 2 and 8 hours.



Hundreds of billions of dollars will be required to modernize our nation’s power grid. And there are no plans in place for finding and allocating those funds.


A high quality and properly installed generator is a great investment. Our whole house generators are completely automated, so even if you’re out of town, you will have peace of mind that your generator will kick in and keep your home running smoothly.

Additional generator benefits include:

– Restores power seconds after an outage is sensed, so you’ll never lose power

– Can operate indefinitely using natural or propane gases

– Ensures power to household appliances and electronics including:

  • Furnaces & air conditioners
  • Ovens, stoves, & microwaves
  • Refrigerators & freezers
  • Private wells (water for drinking, cleaning, bathing, & sanitation)
    Sump pumps
  • Medical equipment (CPAP, O2 concentrators, Asthma nebulizers, etc.)
  • Telephones & cell phones
  • Television, cable/satellite, & internet services

– Completely automated, turns on or off automatically

– Quiet operation without fuel fumes or carbon monoxide

Contact us today to learn more about generator benefits and how a generator can work for you and the home or business you have.

Easy Operation

Traditional generators are fueled by gasoline. Gasoline, although cheaper than propane, has many drawbacks when used to power a generator. All of our KOHLER whole house generators offer easy operation by running on natural gas or propane. Benefits of standby generator powered by natural gas and propane include:

  • Easy to access during a disasterEasy to storeLong shelf life
  • Easy to store
  • Long shelf life
  • Withstands low temperatures
  • Cleaner burning
  • Less carbon monoxide
  • Low maintenance

Our KOHLER generators utilize natural gas and propane to provide you with easy operation.

Never Lose Power

Losing power can be an extremely frustrating experience. When there is a power outage it feels as if the entire world comes to a halt. Suddenly the things that you do every day, things you take for granted like going online and cooking dinner, are impossible. Even worse, power disruptions affect things that normally go on unnoticed like sump pumps and pipe heating elements, causing burst pipes and flooding.

A generator will protect your home and/or business even when you’re not there. The unit will turn on when a power outage is sensed, protecting pipes from freezing and/or basements from flooding. With a professionally installed generator, you have peace of mind that, no matter the weather, you’ll have electricity when you need it most whether at your home or your business!

Eric M. Krise Electrical Contractor is your source for high-quality generators and expert installation, contact us today for more information.

 Click here for a video on how a generator works and links to other educational videos on home/business generators.