Everything you Need to Know About Surge Protection


With so many electrical devices in the modern home, power strips have become as common place in our homes as extension cords once were. But unlike those annoying cords, the power strip also provides us with some peace of mind as it protects our computers, devices, entertainment system, appliances, and anything else we plug in from power surges.

Well, that is if you buy the right ones.

It’s important to realize that not every power strip is a surge protector.

Let us explain.

A power strip simply splits your electric outlet into multiple ports. A surge protector is designed to protect your computer, TV, and other electronics against power surges and any interference or noise on your power line.

When buying a power strip, it’s important to note if you are in fact buying a surge protector as well. In almost every case, you’ll want a device that does both functions. Look for the words surge protection, fused strip, or interrupter switch when buying a power strip.

If it simply says “power strip,” there’s a good chance it does not provide surge protection.

Of course, surge protectors are more expensive, but their whole point is to protect your electronics, which in the case of major appliances, computers, and TVs can be a big investment.

Here’s a handy guide for what to look for in a surge protector compiled by CNET magazine.

Surge Protectors

Surge protector’s joule rating denotes how much energy it is able to absorb before it crashes. For example, if a product has 1,000 joules of protection it can either take a 1,000 joule hit or ten 100 joule hits. When purchasing a surge protector, look for ones that have a high number of joules.

Do you Need a Warranty?

You may be able to find a surge protector ?? on a surge protector. Most likely you won’t need it, but it’s always good to have.

How About a Power Conditioner?

If you’ve heard about devices being able to condition the power from the wall and are capable of improved performance, your products already do this. Your device actually has a power supply, so you don’t actually need to purchase a power conditioner.

USB is Should be Checked Carefully

Newer surge protectors have USB connections, giving you the ability to charge your mobile devices and tablets. But just make sure to check the amp rating before using them. They are usually labeled 1 or 2 amps (1A or 2A). The amp rating is how much flow goes to the device. 1 amp is good enough for a mobile phone, but to get a quick charge on your tablet, you will want to use 2 amps.

Surge Protectors Won’t Last Forever

Just like other products, a surge protector is going will eventually begin to stop working as efficiently. If it starts giving your problems or you recently had a serious electrical storm, think about replacing it.

Whole House Surge Protection

Whole house surge protection not only protects your home against large surges, but will also protect you against mini-surges.

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