Why You Should Invest in a Home Generator This Summer

We’ve all been in a blackout. And we all know how miserable they can be. From season to season, there are a hundred reasons the power may be cut to your home. And if you aren’t prepared, you may be in for a rough ride. A home generator is a smart investment for all four seasons—and with summer just a blink away, now is the time to consider how important keeping the lights on in a storm is to you.

Don’t stand by when the power goes out in a storm. Here’s why you should invest in a home generator this summer.

Summer storms

A season of storms is fast approaching—and all it takes is one to cause a blackout that could last from hours to days. And depending where you live, it may take even longer to restore power to your home, your street, or neighborhood. A storm doesn’t have to be powerful to leave a region without power. It’s one thing to lose electricity in the winter if you use oil for heat, but the dog days of summer without an AC can be, not only miserable, but dangerous.

Planned outages

Occurring less frequently than summer storms that can leave your home without power, some outages are planned by power companies in order to make repairs or replace old equipment. You’ll typically be notified of a planned outage beforehand, but these outages can last several hours. When a lengthy outage is planned, there’s often a spike in generator sales. And with high demand, many local suppliers may not have the ability to install on time—which is why planning ahead and investing in a home generator is a smart decision, all year around.

Accidental outages

An accident can occur at any moment—and there’s no letter of notice or weather report to prepare you. Cars and trucks hit utility poles that can cut the power to whole neighborhoods for hours on end. Even highly-trained utility workers have been responsible for making mistakes that have resulted in power loss. Bottom line, these things happen, and it’s better to be prepared.

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