When to Replace the Outlets in Your Home

When to Replace the Outlets in Your Home

How often do you think about the electrical outlets in your home? Chances are they rarely cross your mind. So, when it comes to knowing when to replace the outlets in your home, you may be unaware of the signs. Some signs appear to be obvious, while others are a little more covert. Knowing when to replace the outlets in your home can save you from disaster should an electrical fire start from a faulty receptacle.

Here are the warning signs you should know for when to replace the outlets in your home.

Sparks and burn marks
In extreme situations, you may see sparks when you plug a device into an outlet or notice burn marks or blemishes on the faceplate or wall. These scenarios should always be met with urgency. If you’re seeing sparks from an outlet in your home or notice burn marks in the area around an outlet, discontinue use immediately, and make the call to an electrician.

Plug slip
Often overlooked in terms of knowing when to replace the outlets in your home are loose-fitting plugs. A plug that slips or doesn’t fit snug in an outlet is communicating fault with contact points. Over time, these metal contact points slacken their grip on electrical plugs, producing heat and causing damage to the wiring within the walls. It can cause a breaker to trip or a fuse to blow—and even worse, a loose plug can cause an electrical arc, a major cause of house fire responsible for more than 28,000 fires every year.

Flickering power
Another sign of when to replace the outlets in your home is when the power to your device or light source begins to flicker on and off. This could be caused from a plug slip or simply because the outlet can no longer keep up with demand. Don’t brush off flickering power as inconvenience—be aware of the signs, and take action to avoid hazard in your home.

Outdated outlets
Electrical safety standards have changed through the years, and the outlets in your home may be part of that change. If your home was built a few decades ago, even as recently as the ‘90s, your outlets may be outdated or out of code. Two-prong outlets are common in older homes and raise concern over lack of grounding. If there are any existing two-prong outlets in your home, it’s best to swap those out for three-prong grounded outlets.


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