Get ready to prepare you home for the holidays!

How to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

So, you’re hosting family and friends this season—how can you prepare your home for the holidays so everything goes to plan? From cooking to entertaining, a lot goes in to every event you host during the holidays. Here a few things that can help prepare your home for the holidays so you can make the most out of the season.

Update Old Wiring
With all the holiday spending coming up, you may be thinking now is not the time to tackle the faulty wiring in your home. However, the last thing you want when you’re hosting this holiday season is for something to go up in smoke.

 Every year, old wiring leads to thousands of house fires. And because your electrical system is often put to the test over the holidays with an increase in energy use, it’s prime time for things to wrong. If you live in an older home and haven’t had your wiring inspected or upgraded for quite some time, you should take charge before it’s too late.

Upgrade Old Appliances
The holidays may be just the perfect excuse to install new appliances in the kitchen. With all the cooking, all the baking, and all the storage you’ll need for chilling cookie dough and packing away leftovers, why not go for an upgrade? After all, Energy Star appliances will help you save more on your energy bill in the long run. Upgrading old appliances will surely help prepare your home for the holidays.

Rethink Lighting
The right light says it all. Not just this holiday season, but all year long. Lighting sets the mood and increases productivity. It affects how we feel and how we get the job done, whether we’re prepping a meal in the kitchen or getting to work in the study.

Consider upgrading the lighting in your home before the holidays hit for improved functionality and ambiance. Under cabinet lighting, when properly placed, can make a world of difference when you’re slicing and dicing your way to a holiday feast. Recessed and ambient lighting can canvas a room while task and accent lighting target certain areas for function or for style. No matter the need, there’s a right light to help prepare your home for the holidays.

Keeping an eye on your home’s electrical system should be a concern for any homeowner. If it’s been a while since your electrical system was inspected, give us a call, and we’ll be there before the holiday rush: 856.769.3932