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Outdoor Lighting Tips for Safety and Style

Outdoor lighting is a must this time of year. Back-to-school means, back to busy. You’re shuttling kids from their dance classes, choir practice, and the soccer field. By the time you return home with the kids, a grab-and-go dinner in hand, it’s already dark. And with darkness falling faster as we deep dive into fall, now’s the time to think about outdoor lighting for safety and style.

Here are some outdoor lighting tips to help you light the way this fall.

Upgrade Outdoor Outlets

First order of business: upgrade those outdoor outlets. After the rainy summer, it’s a good idea to get those outlets checked for damage or hazards, and even have them replaced for better efficiency. Before installing any new or additional light sources, knowing your existing circuits can handle the load will be an important step. And if they can’t, replacing them will open new options for you to light up your landscape in ways that are both safe and stylish.

Consider Fixtures

There is a wide range of outdoor light sources designed for functionality, productivity, and style. Our suggestion is to strike a balance by introducing variation to your outdoor lighting plan this fall. Motion sensor lights provide security. Spotlights give curb appeal. Hard-wired walkway lights help light the way to the door. And all work together for safety (and style!). Finding the right mix for your home will help you see your home in an all-new light.

Lighting Techniques

There’s no one way to get the right light outside your home this fall. But by employing a few different outdoor lighting techniques, you’ll get the most out of your lighting renovation. Step lighting is an attractive and functional lighting technique that is growing in popularity. By installing lights in stair risers, it not only promotes safety, but gives your home an ultra-luxe look and feel. Walkway and spread lighting will also elevate the look of your home while making it easier to navigate in the dark. By placing lights in flowerbeds, illuminating shrubs, and adding smaller fixtures around your yard, you can create a somewhat ambient light that will make your walk from the car to the front door safe and pleasurable.

Want more outdoor lighting tips? Browse our blog to learn more about lighting up your landscape, and contact us to learn how we can help you get the right light for your home.