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Landscape Lighting Techniques

Ahhh—warmer weather is here. And with it, a season of grilling, gardening, and outdoor activity. And while we’re all spending more time outdoors, you may be turning attention to your yard. Landscape lighting is a popular interest for homeowners. Not only will a well-lit landscape relieve safety concerns and highlight your home, but it will boost curb appeal if you plan to sell in the future. There are many techniques for landscape lighting that can help get your yard looking lit just in time for Memorial Day.

Here are our recommendations for efficient landscape lighting that will have your home looking the best on the block.

Uplighting is a very popular landscape lighting technique that focuses attention on certain areas of your home or yard by shining light from the ground to a specified area. You can use it to highlight trees and foliage, statues or lawn ornaments, and even draw attention to certain areas on the façade.

Much like using uplights to focus on areas of your façade, downlights are placed higher up and off the ground to shine light down on different areas. This landscape lighting technique is often used to highlight the front of a home but can also be used on fences to illuminate pathways or other “hardscape” structures.

Walkway lighting
Hardwired walkway lights go the distance where solar-powered lights fall short. They not only make for a safer walk from the front door to the car at dusk but draw the eye to an area that acts as the focal point of your front yard and produces a warmer light hue than their solar-powered counterparts.

Step lighting
There’s more to landscape lighting than spotlights and uplighting. Having lights installed in stair risers are a functional way to ensure safety while creating a warm and inviting environment for a backyard patio or steps leading down to the driveway.

Spread lighting
This technique of landscape lighting is used to highlight flowerbeds, illuminate shrubs, and shine light on smaller areas of your yard you’d like to draw attention to. Spread lights often have a wide fan top so more light is dispersed in a controlled area, making it perfect for placing near foliage, flowers, and lawn accents.

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