4 Signs You Should Replace Your Generator

There’s no denying a home generator is a sound investment for any homeowner. Whether a summer storm or winter whiteout, your generator keeps a constant supply of power flowing to your home when the electricity goes out. And depending on how old or efficient your system is, you may be wondering when to replace your generator. What are the signs your system is performing sub-par?

Here are 4 signs it may be time to replace your generator at home.

 #1: Your Generator Can’t Handle Higher Demands

So, you purchased a portable generator so that you could power the stove, the fridge, and maybe an AC unit when the power goes out in a storm. It may be just right if you live alone or have a spouse or roommate, but for growing families and larger homes, it may not be efficient. If you have children at home, your power usage will likely increase. You’ll probably want to keep more lights on and power more appliances in a blackout.

#2: You Generator Isn’t Performing Consistently

No matter what you buy, you want a product to do exactly what it claims to do. And if your generator is performing inconsistently due to fault or wear and tear, you’re not exactly getting what you paid for. New generators are designed to perform and outlast. And if yours isn’t living up to your standards of consistency and efficiency, it may be time you replace your generator.

#3: Your Generator Requires Constant Repairs

There’s a certain level of maintenance required by all generators. From clearing debris to checking coolant and air filters, your system will need regular check-ins. And while a repair here and there shouldn’t raise a red flag, if you’re constantly working at repairs, it may be time to replace your generator altogether.

#4: Your Generator Is Outdated

A generator that’s performing inconsistently may be due to its old age. When a generator is nearing the end of its service lifespan, you’ll likely find it requires more repairs and it isn’t performing like it once used to do. Your reliance on a generator to power your home in a blackout is warranted. You purchased it for an instant supply of continuous power. And if it’s time to replace your generator because it’s too old, it’s better to spend on a new one instead of funneling money into repair work.

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