Updating Your Home with Custom Lighting

Updating Your Home with Custom Lighting

Lighting options for today’s homes are increasingly innovative and energy efficient. There are many ways to change the mood and atmosphere of your interior with interesting lamps and fixtures. Several of the design trends that gained traction in 2016 are going to be big this year.

LED Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting has been around for a long time. It used to be that incandescent, compact fluorescent, and halogen bulbs were popular in recessed lighting fixtures, especially in kitchens and living rooms. They have drawbacks, however. Incandescent bulbs need to be changed frequently, and this can be a real problem in recessed fixtures mounted in high or cathedral ceilings where access is difficult. Halogen bulbs run very hot and have been the cause of fires. And compact fluorescent bulbs, while long-lived and cool, don’t put out a pleasant, natural color of light, and must be disposed of carefully to avoid mercury contamination. All of these issues disappear with the use of energy efficient LED bulbs. They run cool, produce a pleasant, natural color of light, and last about twenty times longer than incandescent bulbs, making them a practical choice for hard-to-reach fixtures. The trim and baffle options for recessed lighting remain the same as always, contributing to a clean, modern, uncluttered look in any home.

Industrial Fixtures

Industrial chic is gaining in popularity with the use of interior finishes such as concrete and stainless steel. We have gotten away from the rough warehouse and pool table industrial pendant fixtures. Newer industrial fixtures are available in sleek shiny metals and colorful enamel finishes. Exterior lighting has also taken on a more industrial look in the form of heavy-duty fixtures with staunch metal enclosures and thick protective glass which look great and are highly practical.

Under-Cabinet and Step Lighting

New LED strip lighting is perfect for placing under kitchen wall cabinets and below stair tread nosings. It used to be that you would place a puck-shaped fixture under your cabinets to light up a designated area. These had halogen bulbs that got hot, and required a remote transformer, or one on each fixture that took up interior cabinet space. Today, the thin LED strips take up little space and can light up more surface area. When mounted on stairs, they light up the tread below at night and add nice ambiance.

Dimmable Lighting

Most lighting can be placed on a dimmer switch. Being able to change the mood of a room with a dimmer is a nice feature in media rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms, and in bathrooms for night lighting. Sliding dimmer switches are not costly, and your electrician can install them in place of standard toggle switches.

2017 is the year to reassess your energy consumption and lighting needs. Prices are coming down on efficient LED bulbs, and incandescent light bulbs are being phased out. While you’re making that change to reduce energy consumption and costs, take the opportunity to adopt some of the newer design trends to upgrade your home’s interior.

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