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Teach Your Children Electrical Safety

Once your little one starts to walk, the world becomes one giant museum of discovery for them. Their innocent minds cannot comprehend dangers that await them, and as a parent, it’s your job to safeguard them from the dangers of electricity.

Because most of their time will be spent in the home, it’s important for you to baby-proof your house and teach youngsters electrical safety. Here are several tips to keep children safe from electricity.

Talk about potential harm

It’s not intuitive for your children to know that electricity can harm them, so make sure to educate them on what and how electricity can hurt them. Tell them to beware of power outlets, plugged-in appliances, and exposed wires and cords. Be sure that they know electricity can cause burns, shocks, and serious injury.

Water can make electricity even more dangerous

Teach your little one that water and electricity do not mix. Make sure they know that by handling electrical items such as cords, outlets, and appliances while wet could lead to electrocution or burns. Also, advise them to stay away from puddles of water that have broken power lines or anything electrical in them.

Use games

Sometimes just telling your kids what to do and what not to do isn’t enough. Have them play interactive games that’ll teach them the dangers of electricity and how to avoid them. Check out the Tennessee Valley Authority’s website on teaching the dangers of electricity to kids. Also check out Switched on Kids for more interactive games that can help teach your child about electricity safety practices.

Electricity dangers outdoor

Don’t forget to teach your kids about the dangers of electricity when they’re outside. Unfortunately, we’re not able to child proof the world, so you’ll have to make sure you instill the best safety practices in your child so that they can avoid the dangers of electrocution.

Some common safety tips you should teach your children are to:

  • Never climb utility poles, transmission towers, or fences that surround electrical plants
  • Stay away from anything (and make sure not to touch) with the signage: “Warning: High Voltage”
  • Avoid climbing trees near power lines
  • Never swim during storms
  • Always go inside during storms as lighting does strike people and can lead to death
  • If someone is electrocuted, make sure to not touch them and to call 911 right away

Need help with learning how to safely prepare your home for your children? Contact Eric M. Krise Electrical Contractor today and let’s discuss how to best set up your home to keep your kids safe from electrical dangers.