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Increase Productivity with Proper Office Lighting

We have learned an awful lot in recent decades about the impact of office lighting on things like employee satisfaction, eye strain, and the overall ambience created by things like types of light, light color, and light fixtures.

No one likes the idea or expects to work in a cement box with horrible fluorescent lighting these days. Employers who care about how motivated and productive their staff is, care about the environment they create at the office, not just in term of company culture but furniture, equipment, and yes – lighting.

Poor lighting can lead to discomfort and eye, decreasing employee comfort, and productivity levels. Problems caused by poor lighting include:

• Eyestrain
• Eye irritation
• Blurred vision
• Dry, burning eyes
• Headaches
• Difficulty reading print documents or seeing the computer screen

Types of Lighting

Providing the best lighting for your office environment typically calls for integrating different types of lighting to achieve optimum benefits. Generally, you want to find just the right balance between:

1. Natural light
2. Overhead lighting
3. Task lighting
4. Ambient lighting
5. Corrective lighting

There is no formula that works in every situation. A professional lighting contractor considers costs and budget, your building, staff, type of work produced, and the tasks involved when installing commercial lighting systems.

In the Mood

Intensity, quality and even color of light impacts our mood in both positive and negative ways. Studies have shown that more intense lighting, similar to climates that are naturally very bright or dark, brings out more intense emotions, good or bad, in people. Not surprisingly, employees who are more comfortable and happy at the office can be expected to do a better job.

Rewiring and Upgrading Lighting

Just as in a home, there comes a time when you need to improve the lighting at your office. Whether you have just purchased an older building and need it rewired for code safety or to adequately provide the load and types of demands your business requires, the electrical professionals at Eric M. Krise, are ready to help. Upgrades to lighting are important not just to your employees but to clients who visit your office.

Eric M. Krise Electrical Contractor, LLC, offers electrical construction, repair and inspection services for commercial settings, throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. If you’re ready to update lighting at your business, please contact us soon for an appointment.