Electrical Holiday Wish List for Your Home

The holidays are all about giving. Every year we spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on frivolous items that can be discarded over the course of the year and provide us with no real added benefit or value. As each holiday season becomes more and more expensive, we are left wondering what we really have to show for it all and question whether it was even worth our trouble. Practicality, for some, is an excellent alternative to a disposable gift. Home improvement projects make great holiday gift options and the best part is that not all home projects are expensive. Take a look at our list of wish list items for your home and have fun with this year’s holiday planning!

  1. Under Cabinet lighting – Not only are under light cabinet lights convenient for visibility, they are also extremely cost effective. Since the lights are typically small, providing just enough light for small tasks, they are energy efficient and do not require a lot of power. Additionally, they are easy and inexpensive to install which makes them a win in any book.
  2. Bathroom lighting – The wrong lighting can be worrisome for some. The bathroom is the area of the house where we groom ourselves for the day ahead and bad lighting may present a certain level of stress for those who like to look their absolute best when leaving the house in the morning. The problem is that not all bathroom lighting is the same. While some require lighting for self-maintenance, others may want it for ambiance or many other reasons. This Old House’s guide Lesson in Bathroom Lighting is an excellent way of deciding whether bathroom lighting should be on this year’s holiday wish list and may even inspire some creative ideas.
  3. Electrical wiring or paneling – According to a 2015 survey by the American Research Group, the average amount that U.S. consumers spend on Christmas gifts is $882. While this may not seem to be an exorbitant amount of money for some, consider the fact that recent research by improvement shows the average cost of installing electrical wiring or paneling is between $840 to $1,192. Sure, the total cost may increase or decrease depending on several different factors but the truth is that even with an escalation in price, the amount spent on holiday shopping could  cover a great deal of these necessary items.

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