How a Generator Helps You in a Storm

In the summer, electrical thunderstorms can roll through southern New Jersey pretty frequently. That’s followed by hurricane and tropical storm season in the fall and it all leads into the risk of heavy snowstorms in the winter.
Each of these type of storm threats can easily knock out power to your home or small business. This is especially true of storms that carry high winds that could knock out power lines for an extended amount of time. That leaves your family in the dark, or your business without the power it needs to conduct transactions.

Installing a standby generator is one way to get through these storms with a minimal disruption of your daily life. Standby generators are designed to start when your home or business goes off the grid.

This can keep important appliances operating, such as refrigeration. A home generator protects your family’s food from spoiling. This can be important as roads might be blocked or unsafe after a storm making it hard to bring in groceries.

But for a business that depends on refrigeration – like a restaurant – a standby generator protects your inventory and could save you thousands in food costs.

Most businesses these days also count on digital and computer systems to make transactions and store information. If your office system is down, can you still access it from a remote location? Can you still do business if the purchasing and register system is down? Will you be able to access inventory lists?
For home use, a standby generator is also about simply keeping the lights on and your family safe. Today’s modern homes are so electronically wired, that when the power goes out, you may lose televisions, computer internet, and even radios, cutting you off from news reports.

Long-term power outages can also cause other serious problems. In the winter, losing heat in your home and water heater could cause pipes to burst, causing flooding. And without power, sump pumps and other devices won’t work.
And that’s not even mentioning the effect of being without heat, hot water, and lights has on your family. In the warmer months, power outages also mean your family will be without air conditioning. Without a source of power, most families have to seek to stay with friends and relatives. Even in very serious conditions, a generator can power emergency lights to help you evacuate safely.

One other point, if someone in your home depends on electrically-powered medical devices such as respirators, a generator can help ensure that the devices stay on even in extreme situations.
Standby generators are designed to sense when utility power stops flowing to your home for any reason, thus sensing a power outage. Within seconds, the unit’s automatic transfer switch seamlessly transfers your home’s selected electrical circuits and appliances to backup power.

When choosing a generator, you’ll make decisions on how much power you want it to supply and what systems in your home and business you want to stay powered. We can help you assess your needs and choose the right generator to make sure that when the lights go out in a storm, you’re family and business stays safe, comfortable and operating as usual.

Don’t be left out in the cold…or dark. We can help you make an informed decision on the best generator for your home or business. Contact us and we’ll be happy to get you started.