tree fallen down the road in snow storm

Preparing for a Winter Power Outage

A power outage can strike at any time. From downed power lines and fallen trees to summer storms and surges, there could be a lot a stake when the power goes off (or even returns). And if you don’t have a generator for your home, you could find yourself in a deadlock when you’re snowed in at home and a winter storm has wiped the power from your town.

Here’s what you need to do before, during, and after a power outage this winter.

Before a Power Outage

• Keep tabs on your emergency preparedness kit—and if you don’t have one, get one started with emergency candles, flashlights, first aid, and extra batteries.

• Keep cell phones charged at all times. It’s hard to predict an outage, so it’s best to be prepared. Purchase a few portable battery packs you can plug in to when the power’s out.

• Gas up your car. Whenever a winter storm is imminent, always make sure your tank is full. And it never hurts to have extra food and water.

• If you or a family member rely on any health-related device requiring power or a battery, make sure you have a back-up plan in place.

During a Power Outage

• Be mindful when lighting candles, and never go to sleep with them lit. A fire hazard is the last thing you want during a power outage.

• Avoid opening refrigerator and freezer doors. Food will keep for several hours as long as it stays cold.

• Never use your oven for heat; it could lead to unhealthy exposure to carbon monoxide. Instead, bundle up. Dress warm and pile on the blankets.

• Electrical surges can do extensive damage to appliances and electronics when the power returns. Be sure to turn off and disconnect all appliances, computers, TVs, and electronics.

After a Power Outage

• Toss out any food that has been exposed to temperatures above 40° F (4° C) for two hours or more. If food has an odd color, odor, or texture, don’t take your chances. On the flipside, if frozen food is colder than 40° F and still has crystals of ice, it’s good to refreeze.

• Restock your emergency preparedness kit with some of the essentials discussed above.

• Consider a Kohler generator. Generators are available from Eric Krise Electric at affordable rates. Whether the weather is cold or a summer storm rolls in, a Kohler generator will keep you connected.

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