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Frequently Asked Questions – Generators

Q.) What brand of generators are offered with your company?

A.) We offer KOHLER at Eric M. Krise Electrical Contractor LLC.

Q.) What size generator do I need for my house?

A.) It is essential for us to to get an idea of your power requirements. For a detailed estimate, contact Eric M. Krise Electrical Contractor LLC. We can analyze your home’s electrical load and specify and install your generator system.

Q.) What should one consider when debating whether to purchase an automatic backup home/business generator?


  • How often do I lose power?
  • How long is the power out when it is lost?
  • What are the intangible and tangible costs incurred due to a power outage at your business and at your home?

Q.) What happens if the generator gets overloaded?

A.) KOHLER generators are equipped with overload protection. In the rare event of an overload, the generator’s circuit breaker will trip, disconnecting the unit from the load. Simply correct the overload and reset the breaker in the generator.

Q.) What type of oil should I use?

A.) An SAE rated high detergent oil that meets API Service Class SF requirements for gasoline engines, similar to your car.

Q.) Do the generators have to be maintained?

A.) Yes, simple maintenance is required. All generators require periodic oil and filter changes to ensure maximum performance for years of reliable service. Preventative maintenance kits are available and many Kohler dealers offer annual maintenance contracts for a worry-free ownership experience. Refer to the owner’s manual for routine maintenance procedures and schedules.


FAQ’s on KOHLER Generators, specifically in the below questions, after a longer time of running strictly from the generator to your home below are several important questions for safety and maintenance awareness. No matter what brand, Eric M. Krise Electrical Contractor LLC will make sure you have the best generator for your wants/needs. See the further detailed questions below:


Q.) What do I do when the water rises above the generator?

A.) If it’s safe to go outside, turn your generator OFF. If you can’t get to your generator and it continues to run while submerged in water, there will most likely be internal damage. There is not much else you can do. Remember, water and electricity can be very dangerous and if the generator is submerged, you will have both conditions.

Q.) How long can it run before I need to check the oil?

A.) Be sure to check the oil every 8 hours and change the oil after every 100 hours of use. If this is not possible, at the very least, check the oil every 24 hours. It’s very important that the oil is checked and changed correctly in a timely manner to avoid damaging your generator. It’s important not to rely on the low oil pressure switch (which is very different from a low oil level switch) to shut the machine down. The damage will most likely already be done by the time this occurs.

Q.) What type of oil do I put in the generator?

A.) KOHLER recommends 5W30 Full Synthetic Oil. If that’s not available, then you may also use conventional mineral base oil. If the engine has been serviced before and filled with conventional oil, then refill it with conventional. It’s important not to mix the synthetic and conventional oil. It can damage your engine.

Q.) Where is the dipstick?

A.) The dipstick is located on the back of the engine and has a yellow ring or handle on the end of it. (For KOHLER Generators specifically.)

Q.) How do I check the oil?

A.) After you turn off the KOHLER generator, allow the engine to sit for 2 minutes to let the oil settle. To check the oil level, pull the dipstick from the back of the engine, wipe it with a clean rag and place it back into the dipstick tube. Pull the dipstick back out and examine the end of the dipstick. The end of the dipstick has crosshatching between an ‘F’ (full) and an ‘L’(low). The oil level should fall between these two markings. If it is towards the low end, add oil.


Some more informative details on backup generators and their costs in the U.S. from KOHLER:

Power outages are more than just an inconvenience. Each year, weather-related power outages cost American households anywhere from $25 to $75 billion. With an aging electrical grid, those numbers aren’t slowing down. These outages have doubled since 2003, which means homeowners are seeking power solutions now more than ever.

When considering the cost of a standby generator, keep in mind the costs associated without having one.

Costs of Power Outages in US
Costs of Power Outages in US


More to come!

If you have further questions regarding obtaining a generator for your home or business, please, give us a call here at Eric M. Krise Electrical Contractor LLC. We are now offering NEW FINANCING options, as well. Give us a call for any questions or inquiries on obtaining a backup generator for your home or business at (856) 769-3932.


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