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Small Changes Can Result in Big Electricity Savings

Most of us don’t think much about our electricity use from day to day until the bill comes. It doesn’t take a huge effort to reduce your electricity bill. Being mindful of energy use in your household not only makes economical sense, it makes environmental sense in conserving.

Start Simple & Small
You can begin with small and simple actions.
• Switch to LED lights (which use up to 90 percent less energy)
• Get an energy audit by your utility company (usually free)
• Keeping the refrigerator and freezer full uses less power
• Install ceiling fans to help circulate cooled air
• Hang your clothes outside to dry
• Cut down on oven use and grill outside
• Turn off dry cycle on dishwasher
• Install an attic fan
• Stop electronics drain by turning off or unplugging when not in use

Maintenance & Cleaning
Maintaining the HVAC in your home through professional maintenance agreements keeps your heating and cooling systems running efficiently and economically and helps prolong the life of air conditioners, furnaces, and boilers.

Proper maintenance and cleaning on your part keeps systems and appliances running at less cost. Changing all the filters regularly on all your systems means your home’s air is cleaner and eases the load on systems, helping to prolong their life spans.
Simple tasks like cleaning the dryer lint filter (and clearing the outside vent), cleaning up any dirt clinging to furnace or around the area, and vacuuming around and behind your dryer and refrigerator will keep them running more efficiently. Regular vacuuming of heating and cooling vents will make a clear path for warm and cool air to flow into your home and keep your indoor air cleaner.

New Fixtures and Lighting Upgrades
Technology is always changing and with those changes comes increased environmental awareness and cost savings. Is it time to upgrade the lighting system and fixtures in your home? Not only will this update the look of your home, it could save money in the long term.

A professional electrical contractor knows the latest technologies and trends for making your home look good and can work within your budget.

Eric M. Krise Electrical Contractor, LLC, offers electrical construction, repair, and inspection services for residential and commercial settings throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. We are a one-stop solution for all your lighting needs and can provide lighting needs during renovations and upgrades. We can also provide information on energy-saving products to meet your budget and environmental goals. Please contact us for an appointment.