Many plugs plugged into electric power bar

Huge Energy Bills: The Holiday Surprise No One Wants  

The holidays can be an expensive time of year. Many of the expenses incurred during this time of year are not unexpected as we plan for gifts, entertaining, and travel. You know that buying gifts and preparing a holiday meal can be pricey. But, what you may not know is that you can also rack up higher-than-normal electrical bills during the holiday season. Here are a few tips to help you keep your energy usage as low as possible during the holiday season and avoid an unwanted surprise when your energy bill arrives.

Use LED Lights and Decorations
One of the ways that you can minimize your energy usage during the holiday months is to use LED lights and decorations. Old school incandescent lights use a significant amount of energy, and decorations like inflatables can dramatically increase your energy usage as well. Look for decorations that feature LED lights to give your home a holiday glow without a high price tag.

Put Your Lights on a Timer
During the holidays, we all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season. Unfortunately, you may forget to turn off your lights when you go to bed. Putting your outdoor lights on a timer helps to ensure that they shut off and are not on all night, using up electricity.

Plug Decorations Into a Power Strip
Another way to minimize your energy usage during the holiday season is to plug your indoor decorations into a power strip. Then, when you are leaving the house or going to bed for the night, you can hit the switch on the power strip to shut everything off, ensuring nothing is left on for the night.

Be Smart In the Kitchen
Lastly, be smart in the kitchen when you are baking. Constantly peeking in your oven to check cookies can increase your oven heating costs by up to 25 percent. Another tip is to do all of your baking on the same day. This way, you aren’t heating up your oven multiple times. Being smart in the kitchen can help to decrease your energy expenses associated with holiday baking.

If your electrical bills have been increasing, or you are looking for more tips on energy savings all throughout the year, contact Eric M. Krise Electrical. We can take a look at your energy usage and help you determine how to decrease your bill. Contact us today to get started.