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Cutting Down on Winter Energy Use  

As energy prices continue to soar, it has become more important than ever to learn and practice good energy use habits to lower the bill during the cold winter months when the heat is running. Years ago, saving energy simply meant leaving the door closed. Although older homes might justify an energy saving remodel project, there are a few much simpler choices you can make to reduce energy use as well.

Heater Maintenance
Newer heaters are more efficient as energy consumption becomes a concern for homeowners, but it may not be the best idea to replace a heater that is still in working order. However, it is important to conduct annual maintenance and repairs as they come up to assure it is working as it was meant to and keeping the home warm without using excessive electricity.

Dress for the Season
Of course, no reasonable person is going to wear a heavy coat indoors throughout the winter but wearing a sweater or wrapping up in a blanket while lounging at home can be comfortable and allows for the thermostat to be turned down, running the heat less and therefore using less energy.

Be Efficient with Cleaning
Showers are more efficient than baths, especially if conducted quickly. The water heater is a major source of energy consumption, so consider taking a shower a bit cooler than normal and try to get in and out as quickly as possible. Likewise, dishes can be cleaned more efficiently if you wait until the dishwasher is completely full to run it. The same holds true for washing clothes, and additionally by running two loads in a row the dryer will be pre-warmed for the second set of laundry.

Being Responsible with Appliances
Always consider how appliances can be made to run less. A refrigerator should be kept full, even if that means filling old drink bottles with water to store in the freezer. Cooking can be planned to serve as the food is ready to avoid reheating it, and the oven can be left open when finished to allow warm air into the room. When appliances need replacement, always consider energy-efficient options and be aware of what energy ratings mean.

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