Customize Your House to Suit Your Needs

Customize Your House to Suit Your Needs

Taking on a renovation project is a major endeavor, exciting and full of possibilities. There are so many choices to make, both large and seemingly small. But even the tiniest detail can have a real impact on your life.

There are upgrades you can make that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing that will actually improve your quality of life immensely. After all, isn’t it all those small frustrations that build up to tax your mind and sap your energy? Taking time to add thoughtful details to your house remodel will bring great immediate satisfaction and have long term benefits for you and your family. One of the trends we are seeing everywhere right now has to do with the placement and purpose of electrical outlets. Such upgrades can increase the value of your home, not to mention the fact that you have the power to design your living space in a way that is perfectly suited for your lifestyle. It’s stimulating stuff, so let’s get started!


Does every member of your household have a phone, a tablet, a plethora of electronic devices that require constant charging? Are you fighting over the optimal outlet sites, propping up heavy chargers with ungainly objects and crowding countertops with too many ugly cords? We’ve seen a solution that is changing the look of American homes. USB outlets are one of the coolest trends in renovation. USB combo outlets, strategically placed are becoming standard for new construction and are increasingly cost effective. If you are renovating an older home you may need to consider the placement of junction boxes and your home’s amperage. Working with a professional is the best practice to ensure proper installation for safe and effective usage.

Custom Covers

One of the slickest design elements we are seeing is outlets build out with custom covers that include a charging shelf. This is definitely one thoughtful detail that can upgrade your house for today’s habits. Whereas mid-century homes always had a phone table in the hallway or foyer, these days a dedicated spot for all our precious devices is the norm. No matter how much technology may change, humans always want to talk, share, and reach out. Make it easier to connect by keeping your phone well charged and close at hand.


How many outlets does a new house need, and where should they go? The kitchen is the obvious place to get started. For all our new technology, the kitchen is still the heart and hearth of every home. Placing outlets on the sides of the center workspace, or island is a brilliant decision, especially if you are a family that cooks together often. You may want to dedicate a space for USB combo outlets here, by the back door or near the breakfast table, so everyone can charge up before leaving for the day.

Your home is a sanctuary. It’s where you recharge your battery. Make it exactly what you want and start living your best life. We love to work with clients to customize a build with all your unique needs in mind. At Eric Krise Electric we have a custom solution for all your electrical problems. Give us a call today: (856) 769-3932.