Overloaded electrical circuit causing fuse to break

Safeguard Your Business with an Infrared Electrical Inspection

Infrared electrical inspections should be part of every company’s annual plant and equipment inspection program.

Infrared electrical inspection allows for inspection of a big quantity of electrical equipment within a brief time, opposed to the alternative way of physically assessing and tightening electrical elements. The survey finds faulty electrical items not usually discovered in a physical evaluation conducted with the naked eye.

The survey finds issues before they produce an unexpected outage, a fire, or equipment damage. Facilities engineers today are avoiding pricey expenses each year with infrared electrical surveys. A survey scan can substantially improve profitability, as well as decrease your testing, operating, and maintenance expenses by providing these benefits:

• May be tested under load in order to avoid expensive system shutdowns
• Significantly improves preventive maintenance efficiency
• Permits facility managers and engineers to set up repair priorities
• Prevents costly and catastrophic system failures
• Decreases electrical equipment damage and downtime
• Rapidly pinpoints electrical systems issues

Plus, because infrared thermography tests are nondestructive and non-contact testing, there isn’t any need to interrupt system production. Our skilled Eric Krise Electrical Contractor thermographers assess your electrical equipment under normal operating and load conditions. In conducting an infrared scan of your electrical system in “real time,” our survey inspections may assist you in understanding the practical impacts of existing or emerging electrical element issues.

This electrical equipment ought to be evaluated through an infrared electrical inspection:

• Receptacle and lighting electrical panels
• Bus Ducts
• Uninterruptable electrical power supplies
• Main I-Line electrical panels
• Motor Control Centers
• Service electrical disconnects for motors
• Feeder poles, transformers, electrical utility substations
• Capacitor banks, transformers, main electrical incoming services, et cetera.
• Main electrical disconnects and switchboards
• Main electrical distribution disconnects and panels
• Transfer switches and generator controls

The Eric Krise Electrical Contractor infrared electrical inspection report is a “must-have” management tool that records all electrical issues discovered and a full condition inventory of every item inspected in the surveys or inspections.

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