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Pumpkin carving

Keep Halloween Decorations Safe and Energy Efficient

As the first in the lineup of major fall holidays, Halloween is not only... Read More

5 Questions to Ask an Electrician Before You Hire Him

Most people know not to mess with electrical systems in their homes or commercial... Read More
How Does Electricity Get to your Home? 

How Does Electricity Get to your Home? 

If you ask most people how electricity works, you’ll probably get answers that range... Read More

Our Team

Being a locally owned and operated company with dozens of employees from across Salem County and the South Jersey area, Eric M. Krise Electrical Contractor LLC takes pride in being a part of the community and want you to get to know us! We are a full-service residential, commercial, and industrial electrical contractor. No job is too big nor too small! We have just recently opened our new offices and location to 80 Broad St. Elmer, NJ. We welcome you to come by! See more about our local staff.

Our Team

Our Team